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Book List

Welcome to a comprehensive and at-a-glance page listing all books and novellas by Justin MacCormack. Enjoy your visit!

Hush! - A Horror Anthology
A collected 'best of' works including selected short horror and dark fantasy tales, guaranteed to chill the bones and shock the senses. Winner of the Blackfeather Award for Best New Horror 2014, described as "A powerful myriad of horror styles... deeply chilling!" and "Terrifying and personal!". This volume contains the best works from Justin MacCormack's 'Darkness Bites!' series of short tales, collected in a single volume for the discerning horror fan. A must buy!

Diary of a Gay Teenage Zombie
Jay was like any other awkward, antisocial, homosexual teenager. Then he was bitten! Now, Jay has far more on his mind than he can handle. Not only is he struggling to keep his family apart and deal with his unfulfilled love for the hottest guy in school, but he now has to struggle to keep in check his urge to devour human flesh. "Diary of a Gay Teenage Zombie" is a highly acclaimed LGBT coming-of-age comedy drama with a unique horror twist!

Monsterotica (book 1) - The Castle of Count Shagula
A brand new series, combining classic horror monsters with hot man-on-man action! Come, travel with the young Jonathan Woodcock to distant Transylvania, where he encounters a sinister vampire, the aristocratic Count Shagula, last in a long line of great shaggers. Witness as poor Jonathan experiences the terrors that go bang in the night, and finds out what lurks at the heart of THE CASTLE OF COUNT SHAGULA (hint, it's sex. Lots of sex)

Monsterotica (book 2) - The Madness of Doctor Wankenstein
A brand new series, combining classic horror monsters with hot man-on-man action! Fresh from his encounter with the vampire Count Shagula, young Jonathan Woodcock's travel is waylaid as he becomes subject to the experiments of the sex-crazed Doctor Wankenstein. Will Jonathan discover what secrets lurk in the pants of the doctor's muscular monster? (hint, it's sex. Lots of sex)

Scrolls of Etheria
When Roka chose to play as a healer in the latest and biggest selling video game of all time, Scrolls of Etheria, he was hoping for an experience unlike anything else. And he certainly got it! Meeting a huge cast of vibrant characters, he explores an intricate and immersive fantasy world that is guaranteed to capture the hearts of gamers and fantasy fans the world over. Profits raised from sales of this book will be donated to Alzheimer's Society UK.

Darkness Bites!
A collection of five short anthologies, each one collecting dark fantasy and horror tales from the pen of horrorist Justin MacCormack. Highly acclaimed and with an eclectic style, each book in this series holds new tales to disturb the senses and twist the mind. Collect the full set, get bitten tonight!
Volume 1 - BUY HERE          Volume 2 - BUY HERE
Volume 3 - BUY HERE          Volume 4 - BUY HERE
Volume 5 - BUY HERE

Twilight of the Faerie
A dark fantasy set in the land of the fae. Through the thorns that separate the dreaming world from the waking, a shadow war is fought between the courts of the seasons as those who dwell within the lands of Faerie struggle for supremacy against one another in the bitter cycle of an ongoing civil war. But in the gloom grows a threat far greater than anything they had thought of, and it will take all of the courts to hold back the darkness. Can he unite the courts to fight off the threat, or is the age of the Faeries finally at its twilight?
Volume 1 - BUY HERE          Volume 2 - BUY HERE

Other Works
The anthology Day of the Dead contains the short story Footprints on the Lakeside
The anthology Dark City contains the short story Undercurrent
The anthology Octomorphosis contains the short story Tea at Sea

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